As of September 2019, I’ve been a full time educator
at Brock University in Ontario, Canada


Encompassing all the various instructional roles I have at the university, I teach about 1500 undergraduate students every year.

As the senior laboratory demonstrator for the anatomy program in the Health Sciences department, I’m responsible for the maintenance and setup of any models and specimens, training lab demonstrators, and generally providing students with the resources and opportunities to explore the complexity of human anatomy. It’s incredibly rewarding to see students tie the concepts they learn in lecture together with what they experience in the lab, and I’ve developed several strategies and resources to help make things smoother for those who participate.

I’m also a sessional instructor, mostly in Health Sciences (although I’ve taught in the Psychology department as well). One major aspect includes teaching the first year introductory course for all students taking any of the health programs. The other course I’m typically involved with (and what got me started teaching) is the Introduction to Human Sexuality course, usually taught by me during the summer term.

All of these experiences have provided me with countless opportunities to get things wrong, some right, and learn a ton. It seems my efforts to make things relatable and distill complex information into digestible content has provided me with a good reputation as an instructor, as some students clearly agree.

Clinical Sexologist

Having received my Doctor of Human Sexuality degree in 2008, I spent some time working in private practice as a Clinical Sexologist. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to work with individuals and couples, providing the foundations necessary to help see them grow. Working out of Bayridge Counselling Centres and KMA Therapy, I strove to help people communicate and express themselves in healthy and rewarding ways.

These elements from my career have provided a remarkable template to not only teach communication to people looking for counseling, but provide a framework that I use to teach students complex and sensitive topics, whether that’s one-on-one in the lab, or in a class of 500 students.

What I’m working on

I’m a lifelong learner and tend to have a few things on the go


From the relationship between sexual dysfunction and human behaviour, to the pedagogy of teaching anatomy online, there’s plenty to explore.


A personal project more than anything, I use photography as a way to explore my surroundings and the world around me.


Apparently being forced to teach online has made me want to be a better videographer as well. Combining the two, I’m hoping to share my experiences with a broader audience! And maybe teach some anatomy while I’m at it.